Well Visits: Offered 8-12 on our separate Well Side (Left entrance). Schedule a routine physical or vaccination visit with less exposure to "what's going around."

Sick Visits/Concerns: Call for an appointment. We see everything from head to toe and can make referrals if indicated.

Nurse Call Line: A nurse is available for questions during business hours. After business hours, please call 256-401-4000 to reach the on-call nurse. Our nurses work hard and have families of their own, so please respect the Nurse Line after hours and restrict your questions to urgent concerns, such as high fever, head trauma, and severe vomiting and diarrhea. We can help you decide if an ER visit is appropriate for your child, but as always, in a true emergency call 911.

ADHD Quotient Test: The Quotient test takes 15 minutes and provides a report on an individual's attentive capabilities.

Allergy Testing: Skin and blood tests are available to find sensitivities to food and environmental allergens.

Asthma: Two tests are available. The Niox test helps to measure inflammation in the airways and our new Spirometry testing helps to measure lung function.

Psychology: Dr. Andrew Rosza is a licensed clinical psychologist and available on Mondays.

Ultrasound: We have an ultrasound tech available on Mondays.

Insurance and Billing Information:

We accept most insurance policies, including Tricare and Medicaid. If you are concerned about your coverage please contact your insurance company or contact our billing office before your appointment. Many insurance companies require a co-pay to be paid at the visit. We accept many forms of payment including cash, check, or major credit card (Visa, Discover, MasterCard).

We will file a claim with your insurance company after your visit and we will file it again 30 days later if no payment has been received. If your insurance carrier has not made a payment after 60-90 days, you will receive a bill. You may pay the bill or attempt to contact the insurance company yourself.

Please contact us immediately if there is a problem with your account, or if it becomes past due. We will notify you via mail about the status of your account, and we appreciate your communication with us about your communication with your insurance carrier.